What my clients say

Certified_hi-resI’m just starting this page, so it’s a little under construction! Here are a few things that my clients have shared about our work together…

On my blog post Empaths, Emotions and Unconditional Love

Sheri, I am in love with someone I can’t have. We were in a relationship a couple years ago that ended so ugly, so much hatred on both our parts. Some how we have re-united but as friends and even though I still have feelings of “wanting” a relationship I cant have has been teaching me to either love her and keep her in my life or move on. Your article literally brought tears to my eyes because I am starting to remove the expectations, anger and hatred for her not feeling the same in return. When I can mentally remove those the feeling of unconditionally loving her is un-describable! I’m still learning but the feeling is great and trying this with everyone in my life! Thank you! C. – Spring 2016

Here’s what one of my life coaching clients had to say after our sixth coaching session (and then renewed for another six sessions!)…

This has been more helpful than [the other things I am doing]. You are so sweet and loving. As I read the Mastery of Love [by don Miguel Ruiz], I see it in you. You project love, you really do, and you’re able to laugh at a lot more things than I am. You see the love in life. Thank you for being a good role model for me. ~TS

Here’s what a client/a fellow coach shared after a life coaching session working with a dream analysis…

[It was] great you brought me back into the dream. I felt safe to keep going, [you were] very encouraging along the way, and it felt good and soothing. It unfolded this whole incredible story… very helpful for me in learning, understanding and growing. And the insights you had from your [intuitive] background adding some more to it helped me. ~JR

Here’s what one of my shamanic healing clients had to say the morning after our session…

“Thank you so much Sheri – what an amazing experience! Definitely feel lighter and such a sense of peace…” ~SG

From a shamanic elder in our community…

You’ve had some good training and I won’t hesitate to pass your name on to folks who call. You’re doing great work helping and healing. You are a blessing to the world. may the stars watch over you. ~PT

To book a session, just email me at sheri@sheribilderback.com.

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