Overcoming Fear / Ladies Firearms Coaching

One of the things that can get us stuck more than anything is fear. I love helping women overcome their fears and “do it anyway!”  I offer firearms coaching/training sessions to help women overcome their fear of firearms as a metaphor to help them overcome their fears in life!

Have you ever been interested in something but felt intimidated? What about firearms? Do you find it to be intimidating? One of the tools I offer is an Introduction to Firearms 101 / Overcoming Fear for Women Only. These are small gatherings/coaching classes of 8-10 women in an intimate setting in my home. We have tea, talk, learn, discover, and yes, we get down and dirty with the actual firearms! We plan on two hours maximum, and it’s $13/person. (There also is the option to book me for your own gathering of you and your 8-10 women friends.)

There is nothing like learning how to handle something with such power, learning how it works and even taking it apart and putting it back together again to help overcome the mystique behind it. Sometimes we just have to reach out and touch something and experience it to dissolve our fears. It’s the same with everything in life – once we do it and have the understanding, the fear either dissolves or we learn to partner with our fear…and do it anyway. With that mindset and learning this approach to new things or to things we fear, we can accomplish anything in life!

I love helping women through this process, as they embrace their own confidence and empower themselves.  How you approach a firearm is a metaphor for how you approach anything new or different in your life. How do you approach things you’ve never had experience with? Do you approach it with fear and doubt, or with confidence? I want to help empower you to feel more confident and resilient, and also to feel safe and to overcome that victim thing. In coaching we “live it to give it” and I’ve so been there too! At these coaching gatherings, I also do a free drawing for a one-on-one life coaching session with yours truly!

After the gatherings, I offer three-on-one outings to a local indoor shooting range, which we schedule at the first gathering. In these range sessions, I will take you to the range with two other ladies, introduce you fully to the process, answer all your questions, go over a few things again and help you take your first shots! There is nothing like it to overcome fear, and if you can do this? Well, you can do anything!! It can be intimidating going to a range for the first time, and it’s so much easier to do it with your own personal coach and other ladies who are sharing that same experience right there with you! My coaching fee for these sessions is $25, plus any needed incidental costs at the range. (We’ll discuss this more at the first gathering, so no worries!)

To book one of these empowering sessions, please email me at sheri@sheribilderback.com. If you have your own group of 8-10 women and would like to book a gathering for you and your friends, I would love to do that too!

Background on me…

  • For my business background, resume and all that jazz, check me out on LinkedIn, which has my firearms and coaching certifications listed, including Certified Pistol Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor and Certified Martha Beck Life Coach / Wayfinding Life Coach.
  • Check out my firearms videos to see my skills HERE. I’ve come a long way since my first time with a pistol in July 2015!
  • I was one of 245 folks featured on the TIME Magazine Cover, November 2018, in the Guns in America edition, which you may view HERE and you may also play an audio of one of my interview (I’m the third girl to the right from the table with a rifle, just click on my picture to hear a clip of one of my interviews).
  • And join me on my Facebook page for general messages of empowerment and inspiration, and to connect with others who are dreaming their lives.




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