Ministerial Services

I am an Ordained Minister and Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. To book a session, please email me at I provide individual ministerial services and individual sessions and am available to the community for:

Spiritual Coaching & Counseling
Life Coaching (Certified Martha Beck Life Coach)
Individual Teaching
Reiki Healing
Shamanic Healing
Crystal Gemstone Healing
(the above are via phone/distance sessions, powerful sessions from the convenience of your own home)

Custom Ceremonies (Healing, Protection, Prosperity)
Home Blessings

and various Rites of Passage:
End of Life
New Birth Celebrations and
Baby Naming Ceremonies.

Additional Services:
I teach at the Center for Mind, Body & Spirit.

I do not currently provide handfasting/marriage/ renewal of vows/commitment services.

Spiritual Coaching / Counseling, Life Coaching, End of Life, Teaching, Reiki, Shamanic & Crystal Gemstone Healing – $125/hour session or $600 for six sessions (i.e. buy 5 get one free) . All except end of life are offered only as distance/phone sessions. For end of life in person services, it is also .50/mile for travel to the meeting location in addition to the session fee.

Custom Ceremonies (Healing, Protection, Prosperity), New Birth Celebrations, Baby Naming Ceremonies, House Blessings, Burials/Funerals – $125 plus .50/mile.